New Life project

At QLOC, we localize games, do QA, porting and remasters, but we also act as co-dev, creating games together with the brightest minds of the video games galaxy.

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#GreenDragons video series: QA

QA is important in every tech company. Without it, no product would actually have a chance to reach a market without bugs and errors. Listen to Sergiusz Ślosarczyk, a QA Director at #QLOC, who talks about his work, the work of #GreenDragons team and life passions.

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Let’s continue sightseeing the various departments of the #GreenDragons headquarter. Meet Alan Orman, Senior Localization Project Manager at #QLOC, who talks about what it’s like to work on video games localization. What are his responsibilities, and what he likes the most about his work? Watch the video and find out.

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#GreenDragons video series: DEV

Hi! Today we are starting a series of short videos that will bring you closer to #QLOC. First of all, we give the floor to the programmers, who share their experiences about being the #GreenDragons.

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QLOC Starter Pack

This week has been very important for QLOC and its crew. It’s the 9th anniversary of the company’s founding, only a year shy of a full decade, and we decided to celebrate with a special gift for all current and future members of the #GreenDragons team: the QLOC starter pack.

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#GreenDragons at Game Industry Conference 2018

We’re back and want more! On October 11-14th our team took part in the 2018’s edition of Game Industry Conference and Poznań Game Arena. Featured as one of the GIC’s sponsors, we’re proud to share that QLOC also brought quite a number of speakers to the event this year. Each day a new and exciting panel!

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