A look back at 2018

We’re well into a new year of gaming excitement, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a one last peek at 2018! It’s been 12 months filled to the brim with growth and incredible projects for QLOC. Take a look at the numbers yourself in the quick summary we’ve prepared for you!

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New Life project

At QLOC, we localize games, do QA, porting and remasters, but we also act as co-dev, creating games together with the brightest minds of the video games galaxy.

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#GreenDragons video series: QA

QA is important in every tech company. Without it, no product would actually have a chance to reach a market without bugs and errors. Listen to Sergiusz Ślosarczyk, a QA Director at #QLOC, who talks about his work, the work of #GreenDragons team and life passions.

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