QLOC Starter Pack

This week has been very important for QLOC and its crew. It’s the 9th anniversary of the company’s founding, only a year shy of a full decade, and we decided to celebrate with a special gift for all current and future members of the #GreenDragons team: the QLOC starter pack.

Full QLOC Starter Pack: backpack, hoodie, notepad, bag, mug, mousepad, stickers, lanyard and web camera cover.

On the past Monday employees from all our departments received their packages. Overall 420 backpacks filled to the brim with 3360 gadgets! This including fitting hoodies for everyone and personalized mugs. We hope that all members of our crew enjoyed their special „birthday” gift and we wish to take this opportunity to thank them for being with us for this anniversary and for being an absolute dream team. You guys are the best!

Take look at the QLOC Starter Pack gallery and see what awaits you when you join the #GreenDragons! All you need is to check out our current job openings and leave a message for careers@q-loc.com. There’s a special package and a special team waiting just for you!