QLOC is looking for new co-dev talents

Our Development team is growing consistently with the opening of a new branch office in Gdańsk this year and widening the range of our services to video games remastering and co-development. When it comes to the latter one, we’re happy to announce the opening of the co-development programmer position in our DEV team.

We are looking for talented individuals and experienced programmers, ideally with solid game-dev background. These people will be responsible for designing and programming large, vital parts of the games and will be working with various tools to produce technical solutions that match design requirements. This position is open and available for multiple advancement and experience levels – from industry veterans to less experienced candidates.

The main requirements for this position are good knowledge of C++, experience with any commercial game engine (e.g. UE4, Unity), documented involvement in developing a game, excellent problem solving skills as well as math skills (especially analytic geometry), ability to work in a team, good oral and written communication skills in English and/or Polish, and knowledge as well as practical experience with one or more of the following fields: Graphics, Physics, Gameplay, Networking, AI.

If reading this you ticked „yes” for the all the checkmarks above, apply now! What awaits you at QLOC is a great, relaxed atmosphere, no crunch philosophy, a friendly and inviting team, best technology you can think of and working with big, new, exciting titles.

You can find the official recruitment posting here and drop your resume at careers@q-loc.com. And if you’d like to meet our DEV team in person to learn something more, there’s a perfect opportunity to visit QLOC’s stand at upcoming Game Industry Conference in Poznań (11-14.10). See you at work!