New Life project

At QLOC, we localize games, do QA, porting and remasters, but we also act as co-dev, creating games together with the brightest minds of the video games galaxy.

In order to make sure that the creativity of our Green Dragons is used properly, we have created a prototype of the game for internal needs. But it is also a way we want to showcase our skills to potential clients. We called it „New Life”. Starting from scratch, we created a world project and a series of ideas, which after many discussions and tests we transferred to Unreal Engine 4.

The result is a 3D demo of First Person Melee Combat prototype, where fighting is the key to survival and exploration is the key to progress. You can see a sneak peek preview video below.

The world of nLife is dystopian, strangely arresting, and stripped of fancy, bright, neon-filled, post-apocalyptic cyberpunk. It smoothly combines a 90s’ vision of sci-fi and a hint of influence from anime (“Akira”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “Blame!”), making the world of nLife, weird at first glimpse, but at the same time oddly catchy and welcoming for exploration.

If you would like to work with us, let us know!