MEET #QLOCDRAGONS – Sergiusz Ślosarczyk

Meet Sergiusz Ślosarczyk who is our Director of Quality Assurance.

We asked Sergiusz some questions about his work at QLOC and more!

Check out his answers below.


What’s your job at QLOC?

I’m a QA Director, which means I supervise a team of managers and all the activities of our QA Labs in Warsaw and Gdańsk.


What do you like most about your job?

It probably sounds cliché, but working with my team. It’s like being a part of a well-composed party in an RPG game where people have different skills, interests and character traits, but everyone has each other’s back. This creates an atmosphere where you really want to come to the office to meet everyone. Of course, right now during the pandemic we had to move a lot of activities online, but we still talk often.


Do you have any special powers?

Word has it that I will instantly know if someone tries to heat fish in one of our microwaves. Remember, friends don’t do that to each other! Also, it makes Dagon sad. When it comes to more useful powers,  I graduated Japanese Studies so I speak the language a bit.


Which game from the ones you’ve worked on is your favorite?

As I normally handle all things related to the QA department, it’s been ages since I’ve worked directly on any of our titles, but one of my favorite projects was Dishonored. We handled the Polish and Hungarian localization tests back in the day and my team had a lot of fun with polishing the final version of the game, making sure it’s enjoyable to players in their native languages. I will also never forget my first ever project titled: Naughty Bear. That was a wild ride. I’m still waiting for a remastered BEARdition of some kind.


What do you do in your spare time?

Being a huge gamer, I try to keep up with recently released titles, especially RPGs. I like a lot of genres, but I often come back to MMOs and two virtual worlds that I enjoy the most are Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. I like physical activities like crossfit, running, snowboarding, sailing and ping-pong. On my shelf, I have quite the collection of H.P. Lovecraft’s books, as well as comics and board games inspired by his fiction. Cthulhu fhtagn!


How many games have you worked on?

I’ve tested and led over 20 projects from various developers. As a QA Project Manager, I’ve helped ship 17 titles, including ports of AAA titles like: Ultra Street Fighter IV, Remember Me, Resident Evil 6, DmC Devil May Cry. Now I’m lucky to be credited in most of the titles that we work on as QA, but I sometimes miss being engaged in them directly.


Would you like to nominate one of your teammates?

Paweł Strzelczyk, our Senior QA Lab Manager.