MEET #QLOCDRAGONS – Maciej Krzysztoszek

Meet Maciej Krzysztoszek who is our QA Project Manager.

We asked Maciej some questions about his work at QLOC and more!

Check out his answers below.


What’s your job at QLOC?

As a QA Project Manager, I manage projects. Seriously though, I have a wide variety of responsibilities – determining the size of the team and the timeframe for the tests, ensuring that the project starts and goes smoothly without any hiccups, constant contact with both our partners and our Team Leaders as well as preparing and delivering quotas and other cost estimates.


What do you like most about your job?

Most definitely my colleagues! Hands down the most incredible, passionate people I’ve ever met – it feels amazing to work in a group where everyone has different hobbies, opinions, points of views, yet all share the same passion for video games. I’ve spent majority of my time here at QLOC as a QA Team Leader and I’m sure that each and every one from the teams I’ve led gave me everything they had and I’m very grateful for this as well.


Do you have any special powers?

I can hold my breath for… like, 10 seconds. I know each ‘Brooklyn 9-9 Cold Open’ by heart… Oh, and I am a proud Dad of three cats. If you think that’s not a superpower then try to not be sleep deprived when those three little demons decide to run and play around at 2AM.


Which game from the ones you’ve worked on is your favorite?

It’s hard to tell – each project was a different challenge and I loved working on each and every one of them. If I really had to pick one, it would probably be the Switch version of The Witcher 3. I’m a huge fan of the game and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work on this awesome title.


What do you do in your spare time?

It won’t be a surprise when I say that I love playing video games – a lot of people ask if working in the industry spoils the fun from playing and I’m happy to say it doesn’t – on the contrary, I tend to enjoy them even more, as I’m able to appreciate little, easy-to-omit design decisions and notice a lot of nuances. I’ve also rediscovered my passion for tabletop RPGs very recently. Can’t wait to start our Blades In The Dark campaign!


Are there any work-related anecdotes you could tell?

It would be hard to share a lot of them without violating my NDA agreement. I have one though, it’s nothing super funny or anything, but for some reason it brings a smile to my face and it is a good measure of how different yet similar we are here at QLOC. I am a wrestling fan and when I was working on the evening shift, I would spend my nights watching live wrestling events. Once, I must have looked extremely tired when I came to work, because my colleague asked me “Hey, what’s up, are you OK?”. “Yeah, I’m just sleepy, I’ve spent the whole night watching Wrestlemania”. He answered with “Oh yeah yeah, Wrestlemania, I get it” like it was a perfectly normal thing to do and proceeded on with conversation.


What was the most captivating task you had in QLOC?

I would say it’s opening our QA department in Gdańsk. Of course, it involved more people than just me, but being a part of the team that kick-started this project and ensured that everything goes smoothly was just great and it still warms my heart when I think about it. After all, we tripled the headcount in just one year, despite the pandemic and whatnot!


How many games have you worked on?

I don’t really keep track of these numbers, but most definitely over 30 as a QA Tester, Team Leader and Project Manager. The list includes amazing titles such as Batman: Return to Arkham, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Metro: Exodus and the Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Would you like to nominate one of your teammates?

 I would like to nominate Magdalena Kania who is our 2D artist.