MEET #QLOCDRAGONS – Emil Lubowicki


Meet Emil Lubowicki, who is our QA Lab Manager.

We asked Emil some questions about his work at QLOC and more!

Check out his answers below.


What’s your job at QLOC?

I am a QA Lab Manager in our QA department in Gdańsk. Some of my responsibilities include close work with the HR department to make sure we have enough Testers to cover our ongoing and future projects, making sure that our hardware needs are fulfilled, and helping with planning the short and long-term operations of our department.


What do you like most about your job?

The teamwork aspect is probably what I like most about my job. Being able to work with other Managers and Team Leaders to make sure that everything can run (mostly, usually) smoothly and working together to overcome any issues that arise along the way is truly satisfying.


What was the most captivating task you had in QLOC?

Providing answers to this questionnaire seems plausible. I am usually rather reserved when it comes to talking about myself. On a serious note, doing my part in helping our QA department in Gdańsk develop from a team of 40 people to well over 100 Testers is an ongoing task that continues to captivate me and motivate me to give my best.


How many games have you worked on?

During my tenure as a tester, I proudly spent most of my time on one of our longest-running projects, and I became a Team Leader with only 3 titles under my belt. Later, I was able to add some titles to my list, amounting to ~15 titles in total.


What have you learned from working in QLOC?

I have learned that no matter how sure you are that you are right, it never hurts to ask for a second opinion and have another look at your work. More often than not, someone might offer a valuable insight and a word of advice that will help you in the long term.


What would you advise people who think about working in QLOC?

Do not hesitate to join us, be patient, and make sure that you give all your best to other people around you.


Which game from the ones you’ve worked on is your favorite?

That would be Hitman 2. Our team had the pleasure of having their names etched in stone in one of the game’s locations. That still brings back a fond memory or two.


Do you have any special powers?

With around 15000 hours spent in World of Warcraft and something not too far off that number in Diablo 2, I would say I am fairly patient when it comes to grinding endless amounts of enemies in video games.


What do you do in your spare time?

Video games aside, I try to play pool on every occasion I get. Outside of that, I am a massive snooker fan and I do my best to see most of the notable professional matches throughout the year. I keep track of professional tennis, though not to the same extent. I love movies and TV shows of varying levels of quality – movie/TV analysis, no matter the quality of the material, is always a good bit of fun.


Are you #PCMasterRace or #TeamConsole? 🙂

As a proud owner of a gaming PC and Nintendo Switch, I would like to declare neutrality in this matter.


Enter the title of your favorite game, movie/series and book.

Favorite game: Diablo 2. Favorite movie: High and Low. Favorite TV series: The Wire. Favorite book: The Three-Body Problem.


What game would you take with you to a desert island?

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Hopefully I would get off the island before finding every single item and creating every single rune word. Nonetheless, it should be enough for a few thousand hours of reasonable fun.


Are there any work-related anecdotes you could tell?

Numerous attempts to microwave fish dishes that happened throughout the years come to mind. Please, please, do not microwave dishes that contain seafood.