MEET #QLOCDRAGONS – Dominika Raczyńska

Meet Dominika Raczyńska, who is our Payroll & Personnel Specialist.

We asked Dominika some questions about her work at QLOC and more!

Check out her answers below.


What’s your job at QLOC?

I am a Payroll & Personnel Specialist, which means that I deal with a lot of documents, numbers, counting and legal regulations.


What do you like most about your job?

It is difficult to choose one aspect that I like the most. The great thing is that it is still – albeit a bit indirectly – working with people who are just absolutely fantastic.


What was the most captivating task you had in QLOC?

Each is interesting in its own way.


What would you advise people who think about working in QLOC?

Don’t hesitate, just come! 🙂 You will find a friendly working atmosphere, inspiring tasks, and you will meet many interesting people.


Do you have any special powers?

Some people say that I am extremely composed and patient, although I am not sure if they are right 😉


What do you do in your spare time?

I will not be too original – Netflix with my daughter, walking and playing with my dog, although in winter, I am more drawn to the couch and blanket 🙂


Are you #PCMasterRace or #TeamConsole? 🙂

As an old-time gamer definitely PC.


Enter the title of your favorite game, movie/series and book.

Heroes of Might and Magic III, Civilization 4, The Witcher 3. Film – The Matrix. Series – it’s hard to say. Recently, my daughter got me into anime, but can I name one of the favorites? Probably not. The book – “Lesio” by Joanna Chmielewska.


What game would you take with you to a desert island?

HoMM III. Finally, I would have time to go through all the campaigns 😉


Are there any work-related anecdotes you could tell?

Probably a lot, but RODO 😀