Lost Frequency – PolyJam2017

Last week a small team of QLOC DEVs took part in PolyJam2017 and we wanted to share a few bits from the event with all of our fans. This year’s theme for the entire Global Game Jam was ‘Waves’. Sea waves? Mexican waves? Radio waves? Waving ‘goodbye’? People got really creative really quick.

First of all, our amazing team: Piotr Biarda, Marta Woźnowska, Mikołaj Ćwiek, Markus Pursche, Kamil Księżak and Andreas Vennström did a great job creating ‘Lost Frequency’. A lot of the credit has to go to the IT folks that supported us tremendously. Big thanks to each and every one of you!

In Lost Frequency, you are sent by Order of Resonance to retrieve an ancient monochord with unusual tuning. Defeat the guards by using your glorious waveform attacks and matching the color spectrum to the enemy’s one.

Use X360 gamepad!

Left Stick – movement
Right Stick – attack (aim, and it will shoot)
X – blue wave
Y – yellow wave
B – red wave
A – green wave
Bumper + Left Stick direction – dash

Match wave color to the enemy to kill them faster. Pick power-ups! While dashing, you’re invincible.




You can download the game from the officialGlobal Game Jam 2017 website.

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48 hours seem like a lot of time, but when your objective is to create a game from scratch in such a short time, based on a secret theme revealed to you only once you get started, it’s quite a challenge!