#GreenDragons at Game Industry Conference 2018

We’re back and want more! On October 11-14th our team took part in the 2018’s edition of Game Industry Conference and Poznań Game Arena. Featured as one of the GIC’s sponsors, we’re proud to share that QLOC also brought quite a number of speakers to the event this year. Each day a new and exciting panel!

Markus Pursche and Andreas Vennström, Programmers at QLOC, and the „Checkerboard rendering in Dark Souls: Remastered” panel.

On Friday you could listen to Maciej Grabowski sharing his experience as a QA Project Manager at  the „State of QA” talk with Grzegorz Mazur from Vile Monarch, Adam Sowiński from Anshar Studios, Karol Banaśkiewicz from Techland and Paulina Szmidt from Robot Gentleman. On the following day two of our Programmers, Markus Pursche and Andreas Vennström, had a real treat for attendies interested in the latest developments used for achieving high resolution and smooth experience in AAA games: the „Checkerboard rendering in Dark Souls: Remastered” panel. We hope that both more rendering-savvy and beginning audiance members enjoyed it as much as we did 😊 And those interested more in mobile or Web games were not left disappointed as well! On Sunday another of our team members, Programmer Marcin Kędzierski, gave his speech about preparing a C/C++ coded game to run in Web browsers without plugins – the „Prepare your game for Web with Emscripten” panel.

Maciej Grabowski, QA Project Manager, and the „State of QA” panel.

Can’t lie, we are very proud of our panelists as well as of their passion and commitment to the topics they were talking about. We very much hope that the debuts at GIC will be followed with even more exciting panels and speeches from QLOC team members at gaming events all over Europe and the world!

The rest of our team attending GIC had their hands full of work too! Fortunately, at QLOC we rarely work without having fun too 😉 Therefore, it’s been a real pleasure to welcome all of you at our GIC stand in the Geek Career zone and talk about projects, games, programming, testing, localizing and of course, current career opportunities at QLOC. Thank you very much for visiting us!

Marcin Kędzierski, Programmer at QLOC, and the „Prepare your game for Web with Emscripten” panel.

Now, wouldn’t that be great to meet again in our Warsaw or Gdańsk office? If you’d like that and you’re interested in joining the #GreenDragons, make sure to check out our ongoing recruitment processes and e-mail careers@q-loc.com. Let’s go to next year’s GIC and PGA together!

See you next year!